condition surveys

Condition Surveys

Building Condition Assessment is a key process for informing the AMP process. Employees aside, the building portfolio is normally the most expensive and critical aspect of any organisations assets, and it is impossible to make informed judgements of key spending requirements and resource allocation without fully understanding the maintenance and repair needs of your building stock.

Property Data Solutions can assist you with this process. Using Dfes Guidance as the basis of all our surveys, we are able to facilitate experienced, consistent, impartial assessment of your building stock, whether it may be a handful of buildings or half a million square metres of coporate and education properties.

We utilise state of the art tablet PCs to collect and assimilate our data, on a room by room, element by element basis, and can supply this data in a multitude of different formats and into various ‘off the shelf’ AMP database packages. All survey items are identified, quantified and costed using an up to date schedule of rates, before being audited and transferred electronically to you.