CAD drawings

CAD Drawings

The cad drawing is an invaluable source of building information and we believe that it is the foundation upon which the remainder of your property data is built. The importance of good quality cad drawings can not therefore be underestimated. The drawings produced by our team provide a highly accurate layout and comprehensive net internal area information.
Whether undertaking the measured building survey ourselves or simply enhancing your existing drawings, Property Data Solutions are able to provide a range of services to enhance the benefits of your Cad Drawings:

  • Intelligent attributing – providing room attributes that are compatible with your property database to ensure synchronicity between drawing data and database information.
  • Room schedules – detailed room schedules can be electronically be produced directly from the drawings
  • Net Capacity calculations – drawings can be configured to electronically populate Net Capacity calculations for Education Authorities.
  • Photographic records – A complete photographic record of your buildings can be undertaken and hyperlinked directly into your drawings for quick reference.
  • Asbestos Records – sample data can be illustrated on your drawings to form part of your asbestos register.
  • Sanitary Ware – items can be identified and schedules produced.
  • Elevations and Sections – Outline or detailed elevations and sections can be produced to your specification and needs.