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general info

General Info

Property Data Solutions provides a broad range of surveying services undertaken by professionals with vast experience in both the public and private sector. The latest hi-tech equipment is used to collect raw data in the field, which is then automatically uploaded into property databases, drastically cutting both administration costs and the risk of human error on data re-input.

The team has considerable experience of working with Portfolio Managers to collate asset management data, and has successfully delivered data for ongoing contracts for the surveying of both education and corporate buildings for a large number of local authorities, colleges and corporate bodies. Such long-term partnerships have numerous benefits, not least the consistency in data collection technique which leads to greater database accuracy, particularly relevant where regular condition surveys are concerned.

measured building surveys

Measured Building Surveys

Fundamental in any property asset management evaluation and continuing maintenance programme is accurate building information and drawings.

We recommend therefore that the measured building survey, is the primary stage of any asset management or portfolio assessment.

Measured building surveys can be undertaken to a variety of levels of detail and specification.

As a bare minimum, the Outline base plans or Asset Management Plans may be considered. Surveyed in accordance with the RICS Code of Measuring Practice, utilising calibrated disto™ laser devices to provide accurate representations of the building framework to a working scale of 1:200.

Outline base plans can also be enhanced to record further measured survey information to provide drawings for refurbishment and design purposes. Our floor plans are complimented by our ability to provide measured Elevations and Sections as well as Topographical surveys.


CAD drawings

CAD Drawings

The cad drawing is an invaluable source of building information and we believe that it is the foundation upon which the remainder of your property data is built. The importance of good quality cad drawings can not therefore be underestimated. The drawings produced by our team provide a highly accurate layout and comprehensive net internal area information.
Whether undertaking the measured building survey ourselves or simply enhancing your existing drawings, Property Data Solutions are able to provide a range of services to enhance the benefits of your Cad Drawings:

  • Intelligent attributing – providing room attributes that are compatible with your property database to ensure synchronicity between drawing data and database information.
  • Room schedules – detailed room schedules can be electronically be produced directly from the drawings
  • Net Capacity calculations – drawings can be configured to electronically populate Net Capacity calculations for Education Authorities.
  • Photographic records – A complete photographic record of your buildings can be undertaken and hyperlinked directly into your drawings for quick reference.
  • Asbestos Records – sample data can be illustrated on your drawings to form part of your asbestos register.
  • Sanitary Ware – items can be identified and schedules produced.
  • Elevations and Sections – Outline or detailed elevations and sections can be produced to your specification and needs.
condition surveys

Condition Surveys

Building Condition Assessment is a key process for informing the AMP process. Employees aside, the building portfolio is normally the most expensive and critical aspect of any organisations assets, and it is impossible to make informed judgements of key spending requirements and resource allocation without fully understanding the maintenance and repair needs of your building stock.

Property Data Solutions can assist you with this process. Using Dfes Guidance as the basis of all our surveys, we are able to facilitate experienced, consistent, impartial assessment of your building stock, whether it may be a handful of buildings or half a million square metres of coporate and education properties.

We utilise state of the art tablet PCs to collect and assimilate our data, on a room by room, element by element basis, and can supply this data in a multitude of different formats and into various ‘off the shelf’ AMP database packages. All survey items are identified, quantified and costed using an up to date schedule of rates, before being audited and transferred electronically to you.

net capacity

Net Capacity

As part of the measured survey exercise we are able to enhance school CAD drawings further by adding details of the DfE room types and room uses. In addition we can identify the appropriate Building Bulletin category for easy assessment of a rooms net included area.
Drawings can also be thematically coloured by these values as an aesthetically pleasing enhancement.

The above is designed to make the exercise of determining the planned admission numbers for a school much simpler and to accelerate the process of completing the Net capacity return.
We are also currently in the process of developing a means of automatically populating the room data section of the DfE net capacity calculation spreadsheet directly from the drawings we produce which will streamline the process even further.