12 Jul, 2016
When Johnsey Estates needed some new fire plans of their 4 storey, 34,500 sq. ft office Cwmbran House at Mamhilad Estate, they called PDS to help them out.   Having established the clients requirements, PDS visited the premises, working around the requirements of the occupying tenants and conducting the survey over a two day period.  
14 Dec, 2015
PDS are supporting Bobath and their local Children’s Centre this Christmas – Dec 2015 Onceagain this year, PDS have decided to help out some local charities inlieu of sending Christmas cards to clients, staff and associates. The companyhas strong links with both charities and are pleased to help out. Bobath is a therapy centre that
14 Nov, 2015
Making their drawings synchronise with K2 PDS were pleased to receive a call from Warrington Borough Council regarding some assistance they needed with their CAD drawings. The drawings had been prepared over the past 15 years and many were in different formats and an exercise was required to rationalise the drawing formats and data content,
28 Oct, 2015
The kind of phone calls you like to receive In Feb we received a call from a client that we’d not worked with in 10 years, asking if we were available for a few surveys. Following initial meetings about undertaking Measured Surveys and fully attributed CAD drawings of a large section of the ever changing